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Follow this simple 3 step process to get your diabetes eye test today!
1 Last Eye
2 Get The
KeepSight Card
3 Make An Appointment

Step 1

Have you had a diabetes eye check recently?

A diabetes eye check specifically looks for any signs that your diabetes is affecting your eyes, and will usually involve photos being taken of the back of your eyes.

No or it was over 2 years ago...

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Yes within the last two years...

Setup Your Reminder

Step 2

Get the KeepSight visit card

Download this KeepSight card and take it to your eye care provider when you go to your next appointment. Tell them you want details of your diabetes eye check recorded with the KeepSight program. You will then receive a reminder when you are due to receive your next diabetes eye check.

You’ll need to tell them your NDSS number. If you don't know your NDSS number or aren't registered with the NDSS, please call 1300 136 588.


You can also download the card here

Step 3

Make an appointment

If you already have an eye care provider, make an appointment with them and take the KeepSight card with you.

Make an appointment