For health professionals

KeepSight is a new program designed to increase the number of people with diabetes undergoing regular comprehensive eye examinations

For eye care professionals

Optometrists, orthoptists, ophthalmologists, Aboriginal health workers, and GPs who do Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) screening are really important for the KeepSight program.

By recording the results for your patients with diabetes, you not only ensure that they are getting the right eye care, you are also helping the NDSS be able to target people who are not getting recommended eye examinations to get checked.

KeepSight's goal is to reach the 600,000+ people with diabetes who aren't having regular eye checks.

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For diabetes care professionals

Endocrinologists, diabetologists, diabetes educators, Aboriginal health workers, nurses and GPs who get eye reports from optometrists and ophthalmologists can make sure they are recorded in KeepSight so that patients who are overdue for eye examinations get reminders.

KeepSight is designed to complement and reinforce the ongoing care you provide to your patients.

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How does KeepSight work?

For eye care providers who currently use Oculo, there will be a streamlined process within Oculo to register patients with KeepSight.

For eye health and diabetes care professionals who do not use Oculo, they can access KeepSight through this website. Eye health professionals will be able to register people to receive recall, and reminder notices and create digital eye health records.

When a person with diabetes presents for an eye examination, eye care professionals are encouraged to register the patient with KeepSight and record the details of their eye check, if the patient consents to participate in KeepSight. As part of registering, patients will also be asked for their consent to participate in KeepSight.

This information will be used to trigger recall and reminder notices and encourage people to have future eye examinations within the timeframe recommended by the health provider. This will supplement existing recall and reminder systems within eye care practices.

Diabetes health professionals are also encouraged to register patients with KeepSight. Health professionals who receive eye exam reports from Optometrists and Ophthalmologists can make sure these details are recorded in KeepSight to ensure their patient receives a reminder when their next eye check is due.

How do I register a patient with KeepSight?

To register a patient, you will need to be registered as a health care provider on Keepsight.

When you see a person with diabetes ask them if they’d like to be registered with KeepSight.

If they consent, register your patient’s details with the secure KeepSight web portal. You’ll need to record the person’s name, their National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) number, as well as information about the eye check provided and when they will need a follow up eye check. If they don’t have their NDSS number, or aren’t registered with the NDSS, please call 1800 637 700.

This information will be used to trigger future recall and reminder notices to encourage the person to schedule future eye examinations within the recommended timeframes.

Why should I participate?

KeepSight presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to significantly boost the number of eye examinations for people with diabetes and in doing so, reduce the number of people who lose their sight.

For eye health professionals, by registering to be involved, it will be easier for people with diabetes who do not currently have regular eye checks, to find you. Once you and your patients are registered with the KeepSight program, the recall and reminder notices you send to your patients will be supplemented by reminders from Diabetes Australia.

For diabetes care professionals and GPs, registering the last date of your patient’s diabetes eye check in KeepSight means they will receive regular reminders to look after their eyes.

Will the person receiving the reminder to have an eye exam be able to choose their eye health professional?

Yes. People who receive a reminder letter will always be directed to see the eye health professional or practice of their choice. The KeepSight program is not intended to disrupt existing arrangements between eye health professionals and their patients, but supplement these with an additional recall and reminder system via Diabetes Australia. For those people who do not receive regular eye care, a list of eye health professionals registered with KeepSight will be available on this website.

I already have my own recall and reminder systems in place to make sure people get their eyes checked regularly. How will this program add value?

This program will encourage more than 600,000 people with diabetes in Australia who currently aren’t accessing regular eye examinations to visit an eye care provider.

Once a patient’s eye examination results have been recorded in the KeepSight portal, this will trigger recall and reminder notices to encourage them to have future eye examinations within the timeframe recommended by their eye care provider. This will supplement the existing recall and reminder systems within eye care practices.

Is the KeepSight website secure? What privacy measures are in place?

KeepSight uses industry best pratices to safeguard data security and patient privacy. The KeepSight digital platform complies with all Australian federal and state requirements.

Will the eye health sector be required to sign up to the Oculo platform?

No. There will be no requirement to sign up to the Oculo platform. Eye care providers who do not currently use Oculo can register their patients with KeepSight through this freely available website.

Optometrists who already use Oculo will not need to register with the public portal. There will be a streamlined process within the existing Oculo software to send information to KeepSight.

Will the KeepSight portal integrate with the MyHealth Record (MHR)?

KeepSight integrates with the NDSS, which currently does not integrate with MyHealth Record. As the systems develop over the coming years, integration may become possible.

Who will see my patient’s information?

Patient information will be used by KeepSight and Diabetes Australia to remind the patient when eye examinations are due in the future.

The information is not available to any others. If the patient consents, the patient’s de-personalised information can be used by researchers interested in improving care for people with diabetes.